Refrigeration Research was founded in Detroit in 1944 as a family business. It continues even today, under the same ownership and therefore has been able to continue the same policies which have resulted in innovative products of value to the industry. Component refrigeration parts, both cataloged and made to special order, are supplied for refrigeration and air conditioning systems of all types.
Refrigeration Research has been first in making many contributions to the industry in the way of new products which have improved the performance and reliability of systems. A few of these innovations follow:

  • First wire cloth bag type accumulator driers.
  • First complete line of mufflers.
  • First adjustable muffler.
  • “Leek Pruf” Fusible Plugs.
  • First and complete line of suction accumulators.
  • First heat exchanger suction accumulator line.
  • First with many liquid receiver improvements, including process developments.
  • No Frost, Non-drip heat exchanger suction accumulator which also eliminates the need for insulation, while increasing efficiency.

More than 80 patents have been granted covering the above and other innovations including certain process patents.
Refrigeration Research has continuously been a major supplier of liquid receivers of 6″ diameter and under since 1949. These receivers are especially known for quality and cleanliness due to developments in our hydrogen brazing and other processes. Copper spun accumulators are available through 4″ diameter. Also, receivers and accumulators made of stainless steel are available upon special order.
Refrigeration Research continues in the manufacture of quality products and commitment to our industry under the same policies and the same family approach and ideals with which it began and inspired it to offer products of value for over half a century.
Refrigeration Research supplies cataloged or special component parts to original equipment manufacturers and wholesalers worldwide.




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